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AcetoneAcetonitrileAcrylic ResinArtificial NailsBeeswaxBenzophenoneNBismuth OxychlorideButyl AcetateCamphorCarcinogenicCarmineChromium OxideDepartment Of Health And Human ServicesDiabetesDibutylphthalateEgg WhiteEndocrine SystemEpidemiologistEthyl AcetateEuropean Economic AreaFormaldehydeGelatinGum ArabicHazardous WasteIron OxideIsopropyl AlcoholLacquerLedLos Angeles CaliforniaManganese VioletManicureMicaMing DynastyNail AnatomyNail ArtNail PlateNational Institute For Occupational Safety And HealthNational Institute Of Environmental Health SciencesNational Institutes Of HealthNitrocelluloseOrganic CompoundOrganic SolventPhthalatesPigmentPolymerPrussian BlueResinSan FranciscoSolventStannic OxideTitanium DioxideTolueneUltramarineUltravioletVentilation ArchitectureLocal Exhaust VentilationZhou Dynasty

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